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How to massage rose oil on face

The products you will need are Carrier Oil or Oil blend and Rose Oil. In this case I’m using Beauty Oil Blend and Bulgarian Rose Damascena Organic Oil (hand-picked).

You add approximately 15 drops of Rose Damascena Organic Oil in the Beauty Oil Blend. Mix well and with the help of your fingertips spread on the face with gentle pats. From the bottom up with gentle massaging motions on the décolletage, neck and face, the skin “awakens”. Again with soft pats the quenched skin absorbs even better the Organic Rose Oil. The massage is better to be no longer than 5 minutes. The magical combination of Rose Otto and Beauty Oil Blend nourishes the skin quickly and permanently. It becomes pliant, radiant, soft like silk, refreshed and moisturized. Bulgarian Rose Oil makes the skin healthy, beautiful and helps weak capillary, as it fills in and decreases flushing. Rosa Damascena gives the skin a youthful look.

I would recommend you to treat your skin with this massage at least two times a week.

As the décolletage, neck and face can enjoy the priceless properties of Bulgarian Rose oil, your body will thank you as well if you quench its thirst with this great magical cocktail.

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