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Natural steam bath with rose petals and lavender blooms


Needed products: Rose Petals, Lavender blooms, Rose Oil/Rose Absolute and hot water.

I use Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Organic Dry Petals, Bulgarian Lavender Organic Dry Flowers, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Organic Oil/Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Organic Absolute.

Put Lavender and Rose dry flowers in a wide bowl, drip on them approximately 15 drops of Rose Otto or Rose Absolute, and in the end pour hot water on them. Put your face above the steaming water and cover your head with a towel, so that the steam can’t escape. Stay like that around 10 minutes. It is important for you to know that before the procedure your face is make-up free and clean.

After this procedure the pores of the face are well cleaned and the skin can breathe better. A well cleaned skin absorbs, the products you will later put on, better.

The combination of Lavender and Rosa Damascena makes the ski of the face glow and gives it a youthful look. The inhalation of this magnificent cocktail of essences helps with migraines, vertigo, faintness and depression. Cures colds, coughs and flu. After this inhalation people feel energized, tension and worry fade.

I strongly recommend this Natural steam bath with rose petals and lavender bloom at least once a week.

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