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Natural body scrub with rose oil


Needed products: Rose Buds/Rose Petals, electric or manual mill, brown sugar, organic olive oil, Rose Oil.

In this case I use Bulgarian Rose Buds and Bulgarian Rose Damascena Organic Oil (Otto).

Rose Buds/Rose Petals are well grinded in the mill. After they are finely grinded you pour them in a bowl that is comfortable for mixing, you ad from 5 to 6 teaspoons of sugar, we then pour plenty of olive oil and in the end add from 8 to 10 drops of Organic Rose Oil. Mix well and with gentle, energetic, circular and massaging movements rub everywhere on the skin.  Rose scrub massage lasts about 10 minutes after that perfuse your body with water. It is not necessary to use body wash or soap and after the douche there is no need for body lotion because the skin is hydrated and well nourished.

I strongly recommend you to indulge yourself at least once a week with the Rose buds body scrub. This way your skin pores will open and your skin will breathe easier, your epidermis is also cleansed from dead cells and refreshed. When touched the skin is gentle and soft, and at the same time refreshed and well nourished.


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