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How to make natural air freshener with dry blossoms


Needed products: Rose Absolute, Rose Petals, Lavender dry flowers, Rose Buds, fir cones and tree bark.

In an interior bowl you put: Rose Petals, then Lavender dry flowers, fir cones and tree bark. You also add the beautiful Rose Buds. The exquisitely sorted potpourri are almost ready, they just need Rose Absolute. From Rose Absolute you add minimum 8-10 drops. You have just made great natural potpourri with amazing scent, which you can put anywhere in your home or office. The aroma will calm and at the same time intrigue you.

If you want you can also perfume your wardrobe of cellar the same way. The only difference is that instead of a bowl you will need a pouch with a cotton or linen string.

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