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Bulgarian Lavender Organic Water

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Lavender is considered one of the most fragrant and precious plants with versatile beauty and healing benefits. Remarkable nostalgic fragrance, lavender brings scenes of childhood, high summer days that last forever, intense, sweet sensations.

Unique climate and soil conditions make Bulgarian Lavender the finest in the world with exquisite lavender scent. 


Physical & Emotional Benefits:

  • Hydrate thirsty skin
  • Clarify dull skin
  • Improve suppleness and skin tone
  • Great for wrinkles, acne, redness and blood circulation
  • Calm sunburn skin, heat rash, bug bites 
  • Balance nervous system


  • Apply with cotton pad or mist face, body and hair
  • Luxurious body baths
  • Before and after shaving
  • Scent room, linen & wardrobe



Pure organic steam-distilled Lavender water

Hand picked flowers

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