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Bulgarian Rosa Alba Organic Water

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Bulgarian Rosa Alba is considered the most precious essence of all, requiring more than 9,000 petals to produce a single magical drop. Rosa Alba has unique and sophisticated rose scent.


Physical & Emotional Benefits:

  • Distinctive Rose Alba fresh petal scent
  • Tone the delicate tissue of the skin
  • Revitalize face complexion
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Moisturize skin
  • Help reduce broken capillaries
  • Maintain pH balance of the skin
  • Set make up
  • Add delicate shine to hair
  • Refresh for long hours in front of computer
  • Fight stress and lift the mood
  • Promotes emotional wellbeing and love



  • Apply with cotton pad or mist face, body and hair
  • Luxurious body baths
  • Aromatic cuisine & beverage  
  • Scent room or bed linen



Rosa Alba Flower Distillate

Hand–picked blossoms





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