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Organic Chamomile Water

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Chamomile flowers are collected when they are in full bloom, bathing in sunshine. One of the best all-purpose waters, chamomile relaxes body and soul. It is suitable for all skin types and very effective for sensitive or irritated skin.


Physical & Emotional Benefits:

  • Calm allergies and itching
  • Soothe irritated and polluted skin
  • Soothe tired, sore, computer burn eyes
  • Prevent against moisture loss 
  • Reduce dark circles around eyes
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Lighten hair 
  • Relax mind 
  • Help stress and depression 


  • Apply with cotton pad or mist face, body and hair
  • Luxurious body baths
  • Eyewash
  • Homemade baby wipes
  • Douche or bidet


Suitable for small children and babies 




Pure organic steam-distilled Chamomile water

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