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Rose Valley


  Unique Land

 Bulgaria has more than 350 year old tradition of producing rose oil and rose water. Although oil bearing Rosa Damascena has been brought to Bulgaria from Middle East, here this beautiful flower find the perfect home. The unique climate, gentle kiss of the sun, nourishing soil, cooling mountains and crystal clear raindrops help this delicate flower flourish in opulence. Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has been thankful and became the best in the world with the richest, elegant exquisite scent and the highest number of active compounds – more than 300.

 Unique Hands

   Skillful and patient hands of Bulgarian women. Stories of century old beauty rituals and magical   samodivas, dancing with opulent            rose bouquets. Roses are picked at dawn, when flowers has been touched by the early morning dew, delicate yet full of power. Air is full of rich, dreamy, sweet, rose scent, gentle magical whisper of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. Centuries old tradition, inspiring the beautiful rose country – Bulgaria. This is our unique story for extremely unique flower.



 Unique Process

Rose steam distillation has been perfecting by Bulgarians in Rose Valley for centuries. Although the process hasn’t changed since the ancient times, true aromatherapy distillers can be counted on your fingers.
   We’re scounting Bulgarian Rose Valley and testing different boutique distilleries in order to find that special one, who can      speak the magical language of flowers and who can truly capture the preciousness of this magnificent and sometime temperamental flower.
  Apart from the process, there is an unique approach to the agriculture. The soil where we grow the plants is free from chemicals, our seeds come from organically cultivated plants, not treated with fungicides, pesticides, growth hormones.
 We use muka “waste” from distillation process as fertilizers, creating a natural cycle and bringing back to the earth the gift which we receive.