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Q: Can I return an item?

A: Yes, you can return any item, if you keep product unopened, in original packaging.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. More information on pricing and delivery times here…


Q: How to tell if rose oil is authentic?

A: Put in the fridge and if it goes solid, it is the real thing :).


Q: What is the colour of true rose water?

A: Transparent – like regular water. It is no pink.


Q: What is the difference between rose oil (otto), rose absolute and rose concrete?

A: There is a difference in the way how oil is extracted. The important thing to remember is Rose Oil has the biggest beauty and health benefits from all three. Rose Absolute is preferable for its scent – closes to true fresh rose. Rose concrete is a waxy mass.


Q: Do I need to dilute essential oils when putting on my skin?

A: Always, 2% essential oil diluted in a carrier oil is a norm for regular beauty treatments. If you like to make a perfume 10-15% dilution can do. Don’t forget to test for allergies before you start using essential oils.


Q: Is it safe to use essential oils during pregnancy?

A: You better skip it during pregnancy, but you can keep using flower waters.


Q: Can I take essential oils internally?

A: There is old recipe in Bulgaria for taking few drops of rose oil, diluted in natural honey as powerful beauty and health stimulant. However, please consult with you aroma therapist.


Q: Is it safe to use flower waters on kids?

A: Yes, chamomile water is great for kids, lavender water has an amazing effect on sleep :).


Q: Is it safe to use flower waters on pets?

A: Yes :).


 Shelf life and storing

Q: What is the shelf life of essential oils?

A: Up to 5 years in most essential oils. In Bulgaria there is a bank for rose oil where it is kept for more than 20 years and quality is still superb. Rose oil is a solid investment and can be kept for long.


Q: What is the shelf life of flower waters?

A: Between 12 and 24 months, if kept in cool place, away from direct sun light.


Q: How do I store essential oils?

A: You can keep it in a fridge, wine cooler or at room temperature.


Q: How do I store flower waters?

A: Best in a wine cooler, at temperature around 13 °C. You can still keep it in room temperature, but avoid sun light or very high temperature.