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Bulgarian Rose Oil (Otto) – Organic

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Organic Rose Otto, the most extravagant of essential oils is created from the Queen of Flowers – a symbol of love, beauty and fragrant perfection. Abundant in antioxidants, our Rose Oil, native to Bulgaria, features rejuvenating properties that soothe and silken while scenting the skin with its exquisite flower bouquet.


There are only 30 days in the year when roses can be picked in the early morning dew. It takes three tons of blossoms to make a single kilogram of precious rose oil.


Physical & Emotional Benefits:

  • Fight off facial skin wrinkles because it tends to contract the facial muscles a bit, which in turn lifts up the skin.
  • Effective for treating acne with its antibacterial properties that can cure skin infections.
  • Help skin discoloration
  • Tighten large skin pores
  • Soothing effect on a highly sensitive or sunburn skin
  • In aromatherapy, work as an antidepressant that eases off the tension from the nerves
  • Improve blood circulation and healing mechanism of the body
  • Hydrate dry hair
  • Menopausal symptoms relief
  • Positive effect on the emotions. It stimulates the production of dopamine, the happy hormone, and strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, instilling a relaxed feeling of well-being.
  • Beneficial for treating anxiety and depression.



  • Add to face cream & lotions
  • Massage on the skin, diluted with carrier oil
  • Add few drops for luxurious body bath
  • Enrich hair products
  • Use in diffusers
  • Aroma Inhale

Ingredients: 100% rosa damascena oil (otto), from hand picked flowers

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5ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml

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