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Organic Melissa Oil

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Melissa essential oil has a sweet, fresh, citrus and honey -like fragrance and is steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops, leaves and stems of the Melissa officinalis plant. It is also known as Lemon Balm. It is an effective mood lifter and anti depressant. It has been found to drive away sadness and bring joy and hope. That is why it was called “Nectar of Life” by the ancient Roman physician Avincenna.


It takes 1.5 tons of Melissa plant to extract one liter of Melissa Oil.


Physical & Emotional Benefits:

  • Sooth skin and help skin irritation
  • Calm the nerves and fight depression
  • Boost memory
  • Help revive the spirit.



  • Add to face cream & lotions
  • Massage on the skin, diluted with carrier oil
  • Add few drops for luxurious body bath
  • Use in diffusers
  • Aroma Inhale


Ingredients: Melissa Officinalis Oil

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10ml, 30ml, 100 ml

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